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I've been crazy about beading and crafts all my life- in fact I still have some of the beads that I used when I was 4! (which I shall showcase in a post one day...)  From selling my creations to my poor friends to online and bazaar sales, I've always enjoyed browsing other people's works for inspiration (but I don't believe in copying!) so I thought it'd be nice to start an online gallery featuring both step-by-step tutorials as well as simple photographs of handmade accessories, both by myself and other designers. Hopefully this site will one day serve as a muse for others too :)

Oh, and not to forget, do stay tuned for encouraging stories of jewellery designers who sell their own designs! :) In fact, if you'd like to be featured on our blog- it can be via a tutorial, a picture of your work, or in an interview- do leave a comment here! (You can also email iheartaccessorising@gmail.com but, I assure you, commenting will get a faster response!)

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